RJ Spagnol and True Blue kits available.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get from grape juice to wine?

First Step - FERMENTATION (this step takes about 15 minutes )
I. Choose the wine kit that appeals to your taste buds
II. Start the fermentation process
Note: Fermentation takes about 14 days
Second Step - CLARIFICATION (about 15 minutes)
I. Transfer fermented juice to clarification carboy
Note: Clarification takes about 14 days
Third Step - SAMPLING/BOTTLING (about 60 minutes)
I. Sample your wine and make minor adjustments
to suit your individual taste preferences
II. Bottle/cork/seal and label the finished product
III. ENJOY! with family, friends, business associates


How many bottles of wine will be produced?

The most popular wine kits will produce 23 liters (6 US gallons) of finished wine.

Is It Legal?

Absolutely - each adult in the family can make 100 gallons of wine annually.

Is It Expensive?

Hardly! With an initial investment of approximately $200 for all necessary equipment including an in-stock wine juice kit (makes appx 30 bottles), you can make wine for about $3 a bottle.  Popular wine juice kit prices range from around $75.00 to $90.00.

Is It Difficult?

Not in the least. Today's wine kits are extremely easy to use - each kit contains week by week instructions. 
(all kits are 30 day kits and make 6 gallons of wine) and are guaranteed.

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